About the Music for Breathwork catalogue

The Music for Breathwork catalogue is a carefully crafted catalogue of music used for Holotropic Breathwork.

There are currently songs in the catalogue with more added each day.


The catalogue is designed for practitioners and participants to explore the rich landscape of music that can used in an Holotropic Breathwork session. The catalogue uses the Spotify streaming service which includes both free and paid streaming so anyone with an account can listen. You can read these instructions for further helping getting started listening to the music.




The arc of a breathwork set

The Music for Breathwork catalogue showcases music that can be used for an Holotropic Breathwork session. Music in a Holotropic Breathwork session follows an arc that covers three essential stages.

First stage (1st Hour)

The first stage of the Holotropic Breathwork set includes music that is generally percussive, rhythmic and entrancing. The first stage of the set is designed to help move our focus from the outside world into the inner.



Second stage (2nd Hour)

The second stage of the breathwork set is usually known as the breakthrough stage. This stage is typified by very moving and emotional music which is designed to open the breathers heart. The music used in this stage of the set tends to have fewer drum beats.



Third stage (3rd Hour)

The last stage of the breathwork set is typified by the use of quiet meditative music. Music used in this section has a more devotional / prayerful nature, encouraging the participant to start the transition back into a more grounded wakeful state.